The Dirk Video from 1999

This video shows Rackspace co-founder Dirk Elmendorf giving an orientation session to newly hired techs. After Dirk did this talk a dozen times, he set up his video camera on a bookshelf and taped himself talk. ¬†After then, Dirk just gave a copy of his video to each new Racker and said “this is your technical training, watch it and then get to work.”

Dirk you are famous.

11 thoughts on “The Dirk Video from 1999”

  1. The Dirk Video! In all it’s glory!

    Wow.. I hadn’t seen this in like 10 years! I actually never had the entire thing shown to me. I got the face to face version back when there were only three people in Support, and no DC-Operations group. I don’t know if Dirk knows this… but I offered my own version of this class. Before Rookie-O.. New hire training consisted of the “Seven F’s” video, a talk by Karla.. and a 1/2 day lecture by me (Rackspace training) on the differences between vhosting/dedicated hosting, and what our customer makeup looks like. Fun stuff.

    You got any more of these jewel videos Graham? I might have a few laying around from my old training days.. let me know if you want any. We really should try to preserve this stuff. It’s where we came from.. wow.. what a journey!


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  2. Hey Graham..
    Is that thew whole video? It stops kind of abruptly there at the end after Dirk says the word “coded”.

    Just curious..


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