9 thoughts on “Rackspace Orientation Video 2000”

  1. Cool stuff.. Great memories.. Famour young-racker faces include (*some of which are still with us):
    Morris Miller
    Heather “The Face” Barko
    “Young Jorge”*
    “Baby Droth”*
    Teenage Larry Reyes*
    Baby-face Froutan
    and many other faces..

    Definitely a fun watch..

    Vet Racker, Aug ’99

  2. WOW, what a great video and fantastic memories about our beginnings…. It’s been years since I had watched this video in its entirety. With our Fanatical Support philosophy and eveyone’s passion and dedication, we’ve gotten very far… and much more to come from the Rack, or should I say RAX!


  3. Oh my – I haven’t seen that video in ages! I see some familiar names in the comments here – hope all is well with everyone!

    Jennifer (Seher)
    Racker 99-01 (if memory serves correctly!)

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